SigPack - general

SigPack is a C++ signal processing library using the Armadillo library as a base. The API will be familiar for those who has used IT++ and Octave/Matlab. The intention is to keep it small and only implement the fundamental signal processing algorithms.

SigPack - features

This software is developed in cooperation with Rolén Systems.


Version Notes
1.2.3 Updated FIR design functions, support for highpass, bandpass and bandstop
1.2.2 Extended Kalman filter and Unscented Kalman filter class
1.2.1 Updated gplot, requires Gnuplot 5.0 or higher.
1.1.2 Added Kalman filter class, prediction, tracking, RTS smoother. New colormaps.
1.1.1 Cleanup, added adaptive filters - Kalman and Newton( Affine Projection Algorithm).
1.0.8 Added adaptive filters - LMS, N-LMS and RLS. New line plot function of matrix data.
1.0.7 Added support for 2D-FFTW and some image IO functions (read/write of .pbm, .pgm and .ppm)
1.0.6 Added import/export Wisdom in FFTW
1.0.5 Added save plot to file in gplot module
1.0.4 Added FFTW class. Updated comments for Doxygen
1.0.3 Added parser class, freqz/phasez functions, error handler.
1.0.2 New file structure, added gnuplot, angle and spectrum functions
1.0.1 First version